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I know, I know. I asked you to all send me recaps, and now I’ve fallen behind on posting them. So without further ado, here’s the first in a series of backlogged recaps. This first one comes from Jim Comeau of Rooks for their game against Retro.

Light on history and etymology on this one, but doing an actual play by play with a few gifs thrown in

1st point, retro scores, thats all I have.

2nd bomb to Eok to Elaine, I think.. lots of autocorrect on my phone so I think it was Eok.
Break nahall to Ham 2-1 woo! we’re up!
Retro to Mike Not Peebler (roberts?) I think 2-2 lots of high stalls and junky throws.
Cotter came down with a 50/50 against Eok. Shame in you Eok.3-2 retro
Next point we threw a nice aggressive throw right away but they poached and saved a likely score.
Eok redeemed himself D’ing a blady huck at the last second. Only in the 50s but seemed like cold hands from some drops. Tiger stripe guy burned us and caught it just short of a score but Zach threw a nasty mark and forced a turn. Meg called timeout primarily due to the sticky d by our whole team. Steve threw a sweet throw but I think it went out the back, or something. Lots of autocorrect in this one but it did say great try. So great try to the receiver.
Terrible turns by moi and great chilly o by they and they scored. Lance juked the snot out of me. 4-2 Retro
Colin had a huge sky in the next point and Eok and Zach had a sick give and go. To score 4 3 Retro
Alana huge bomb to Zach who somehow recovered from an under to get it and tie it at 4s. Holy smokes he’s good.
Aaron with a last second D on a huck to their pogo stick guy. Lots of red zone moves to a thread to Steve 5 4 Retro
They went 6 4 somehow, magic I guess “Higitus Figitus”
Then a super marathon point with tons of terrible throws, tons of nasty breaks, and lots of high stalls and a few picks. They went up 7 4. Their extra subs and extra experience will be the difference I foresee
We keep bombing it deep but not converting to points. Colin strips Steve. Colin D’d it later and cuts deep but we didn’t send it. Chilly o by Eok and Aaron and then Eok glides a 15yarder to Alana over her gal for a score, 7-5 Retro.
Beautiful outside in flick by Mitchell? and a sick toe the line for half 8 5. When they’re on, they’re on.
Not sure what happened first point out of half. They scored one with Lance boxing me out quite well. 10 5 Retro, I used to be able to sky the old guys then I realized I was an old guy now.
We played well against the force backyard and stayed chilly and Colin threw to Alana 10 6
They then throw a nasty crossfield hammer 11 6
Blacked out a few points or I was just playing a few in a row.
And it was 8 12 on an emergency pass from Elaine that Colin snagged on the back line.
Colin D’d a big hammer. Colin keeps cutting so well even though he’s “injured”. Aaron threw a bomb to Elaine 9 12 Retro
Somehow it is 10 14 and there are a ton of quick D’s. Can anyone get a throw off? For the win they overthrow Ali but it was probably Butters forcing a bad throw as the mark. Colin picks it up. And we slice their zone with some sick dump schwings
2 great attempts on the goal line but Retro keeps D’ing. They bomb but Elaine D’s at the end and Butters gets hurt. Alana comes in helps move the disc. They throw a sweet break for the win but Colin got picked.
Foul on Elaine but contested. Alana D’s in the endzone after Colin tries really hard to swat a floater. They miss a layout D and we throw a great one into the end zone but no, it gets D’d at least second. It’s 10:20 and we think lights are on ultimate time. Lots of force backhand by them and lots of D’s from us. We finally score to Nahall and it’s 11 14. holy shit these points are taking forever
Last point they work it up as only Retro can, maybe there was a turn, maybe there wasn’t, I barely remember. I fouled Cotter but they caught it anyway, I can’t even foul well anymore. We play on and they connect for the win. 11-15 Retro
Great game as expected, been playing against some of these folks for a long time.
Throwback to MC Hammer, someone was singing 2 Legit 2 Quit after the game
Eok got the green shirt because he kept running, had some awesome throws, made some great defensive plays and always had a great attitude.

Well that sounds like a pretty tight game! I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Tiger Stripe guy on Retro is Tyler Kenney. Colin is always claiming he’s old and “injured” yet he still sprints all over the field and skying people so idk what his deal is. Probably just trying to keep expectations low. And I greatly appreciate the GIF action in this one. I feel like I was really there!

Retro takes the win and are up 2-1. Their next game is this Friday against Animal Style (1-2).

Rooks are now 1-2 and will match up against Boost It (1-2) also on Friday alongside Retro. What a coinkydink!

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