Rules: UPA 11th edition are in effect, with the following additions/modifications:

  • No footblocks. A footblock is a foul. An attempted footblock is also a foul and is treated the same as if you got a footblock.
  • Default on lights is game over when there’s one bank of lights left. But captains may decide IN ADVANCE to continue playing under one bank (although you really shouldn’t, cause it’s unsafe).
    • Addendum to light rule.  If the disc is in the air when the lights go out, the result of the play stands.  So a disc caught in the end zone is a score so long as the lights went out after the throw went up.
  • Default on sprinklers is game over if sprinkler heads are in the playing field.  But captains may decide to move the field away from the sprinklers if field space is available, or may elect to play through the sprinklers.  However, one bank of lights out PLUS sprinklers on the field is an automatic game over.  Captains may not override this rule.
  • A game is considered official as soon as it reaches halftime.  A game that does not reach halftime is not an official game and results in a tie, regardless of score.
  • You may substitute up to 2 players during a timeout.


  • One timeout per half plus one floater, no timeouts during overtime. Overtime occurs when the score is 14-14 or higher.
  • All games are to 15, win by 2, cap at 18. Mirror half at 8.
  • Play for Mixed is 3/3.   If you have fewer than 3 women, then you would play with 5 total players.  But there’s a women’s sub pool, so just ask for additional women and I’ll see what I can do for you.
  • If you have only two men, you may play four women.


  • Two timeouts per half. No timeouts during overtime. Overtime occurs when the score is 12-12 or higher.
  • All games are 13, win by 2, cap at 15. Mirror half at 7.


  1. If you expect to have fewer than 5 of either gender at your upcoming game, you may request players to bring the total of that gender up to 5.  Please only ask if you really need 5.  In other words, don’t just ask for 5, but if you don’t like the options available, decide it’s okay to play with 4, and turn down a player who would like to play.
  2. If you get sub pool players, but the other team who was expecting at least 5 of that gender unexpectedly is down to fewer than 5 (these things happen), then you would be expected to share the sub pool player(s) with the other team.  So for example, you have 5 women show up that includes one sub pool woman, and the other team has only 3 women make it (two fell ill the day of or something) the sub pool woman would move to the other team.  If they have 4 there and you have 5, you would then share the sub pool women equally.  One half on your team.  The other half on the other team.  You can flip discs or however you decide to determine which half for each team.
  3. If one of the players you did not expect to show up suddenly shows up, and you now have 6 including the sub pool player you got, and the team you’re playing has 5, then you would share the sub pool player with the other team equally (as stated above in the previous rule), unless the other team decides they’re fine with 5 while you have 6.  I just don’t want sub pool players driving out there, and then not getting to play.
  4. As much as possible, I will try to replace players fairly across all teams who need players for the day in question.  That will be based on which round the absent players were picked in the draft.  In some circumstances, it may not be possible to fill teams equally.  But we’ll try to do the best we can.
  5. I will try to fill spots with players from the sub pool who are not currently playing in the league first.  If not enough are available from the sub pool, then I will extend the invitation to players from the league.
  6. Captains, please try to contact your team in advance of game day to find out if you’ll need women, as it’s harder to get fill ins the day of.
  7. (Additional prospective rule for 2020 and beyond) For fairness to your opponent, the highest seeded sub pool player you can replace shall be no higher than the highest round player that your opponent has coming.  So for example, if you need one sub and you’re missing your #1, 2 and 4 seeds, but the other team has 5 players coming (thus not receiving any subs) but the highest seeded player they have coming is their 3rd rounder, then you could not receive a sub for the 1st and 2nd rounders.  You would only get an equivalent sub for your 4th rounder.

For Men’s Division, all the same rules apply, but instead of needing subs for less than 5, in Men’s it’s for less than 9.


  1. All players in the draft are eligible to be replaced later in the season regardless of whether or not they say they can make the tournament at the time of the draft.  This info will still be listed on the registration form, but only for informational purposes.
  2. Any replacements added prior to the end of week 5 can be retained on their team throughout the rest of the season and the tournament.  But any replacements who are added to teams starting in week 6 are merely temporary replacements and will be eligible for the Tournament Replacement draft.
  3. All eligible replacements will have a floor round.   Meaning the last round in which they can be taken.  So for example, you can’t replace a 2nd rounder with Stig.  (It’s possible there could be more 1st round eligible players than spots available to take them all, and that’s why this is necessary.)
  4. The Replacement Draft order is by Round.  If there are more than one team that needs players in any round, the order will be decided by season record, worst to best, for EVERY round.  So it’s not the order you originally drafted in, and it’s not a snake draft.
  5. Once the Replacement Draft is over, the only acceptable replacements will be players who were not selected in the draft.  So if you lose a high seeded player in the final week of the season, you can still get a replacement, but you cannot replace them with a high end replacement.
  6. Significant dates:
  • Sunday, July 28 at midnight, two weeks prior to the tournament, will be the last day possible for players to sign up for the Tournament Replacement Draft.  I’ll put out league wide emails and on Facebook, but with the understanding there’s NO guarantee you will be selected for a team.
  • Monday, July 29 I’ll send the list of eligible players to the captains.
  • Wednesday, July 31, at midnight, that is the last day for captains to submit the spots they’d like to replace.  You do not have to submit all your open spots for replacement.
  • Friday night, August 2, we’ll have the replacement draft at a Captain’s Dinner.  If none of the co-captains on your team can make it to the draft, you can send another member of your team as your proxy.

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