Summer 2019Sarah Van Wagenen Spirit Award


Sarah Van Wagenen was a friend. A frisbee player. An academic. A traveler. A mother.  A competitor. And a fierce advocate for spirit of the game.

She played ultimate as a member of the LA frisbee community for far too short a time but her memory lives on.  Her initials are printed on the sleeves of entire teams.  Written on the sides of cleats.  And forever in our hearts.

This Summer League, captains nominated 2 players from each team to receive the SVW UP Spirit Award.  LAOUT is donating $10 / person selected to Ultimate Peace in her honor.

Ultimate Peace is an organization that Sarah was a part of, one that offers youth in the Middle East the opportunity to form friendships through frisbee.  In so doing, LAOUT looks forward to commemorating Sarah’s legacy in this small but spirited way.

2019 Sarah Van Wagenen Spirit Award Winners

House Arryn Jamie Kalenik Logan Nofsiner
Children of the Forest Grant Mitchell Scott Kriloff
House Baratheon Randy Sanchez Jules Yahn
House Greyjoy Marley Mullin Axl LeVan
House Lannister Claire “Magma” Bazley Salil Gadgil
House Martell Robbie Adler Rachel Weinberg
House Mormont Liz Kim Ben “Chain” Aiga
House Targaryen Lauren “Elmo” Eng Ryan Castro
House Tully Genevieve DeBose Armand DeBose
House Tyrell Natalie Wilson Seth Gillum
Night’s Watch Evan “Dune” Soskin Saraj “Mercury” Patel
White Walkers Gordy Stecklein Jonathan “JJ” Jefferson
Wildings Jonathan Nafziger Andrew Tight


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