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It would appear as though this is the first recap for a game against Pocket Monsters. I say this because I had to do more googling to find them a team image. The excellent ultimate players who lead team Pocket Monsters are kinda slacking in the branding department…

But fear not! Pocket Monsters faced off against Scoober Divers, and Maria is here for another recap. And with back-to-back Pokemon themed opponents, she got a second chance at the theme. Here’s her depiction of the events that happened Monday night between 8-10pm.

Hello dear readers. It’s that time of the week again – when you lend me your eyes and allow me to transport you to a field far, far away from the west side and subsequently my house (Sepulveda Basin). But first, an apology. Last week I wrote a Pokémon-themed recap chock full of references to the hit franchise. However, I missed a huge opportunity. One of the Scoober Diver’s esteemed captains, Mr. Brock, has informed me that one of the central characters in Pokémon is also named Brock. After looking it up, I can attest: The resemblance between the two is uncanny. See attached screenshots for reference. Rest easy, dear reader. In life, it’s not often you get second chances, and even more rare are ones that come a mere week after your original mistake. But this Monday, Scoober Divers faced off against another Pokémon-themed opponent: the Pocket Monsters. I’ll be damned if I let this opportunity slip away again.

On Monday the 10th of February: two worthy teams faced off against each other. One was helmed by some excellent ultimate players who have made their mark on the LA frisbee community. The other was helmed by Arista Hennessey (also an excellent leader/player) and the leader of the Pewter City gym who favors rock-type Pokémon (see above picture of Mr. Brock, a demure button up v neck, and one of his fave rocks).

Both teams took the field sometime between 8pm and 10pm. They then played ultimate frisbee between the hours of 8pm and 10pm until halftime arrived, again between the hours of 8pm and 10pm. The game wrapped up at a time between 8pm and 10pm.

Some highlights: Scoober Divers (the team led by Arista Hennessey and revered Pokémon breeder Mr. Brock) had 2 sick layout D’s.

At one point between the hours of 8pm and 10pm, Claire “Scared Claire” Oliva caught a disc after it bounced off someone’s leg (this may or may not have been immediately post-one of the layout D’s. Life is short, dear reader, let us not get bogged down in the details).

At the urging of his captains (Arista Hennessey and the tallest main character in the Pokémon series, Mr. Brock) Devin went deep a lot.

Also! The Scoober Diveresses went savage and  “freaking killed it” in the words of Mr. Brock – a character in the acclaimed Pokémon franchise known for his desperate, determined quest for a girlfriend throughout the series leading to him getting rejected by every girl he meets, including Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny.

Between the hours of 8pm and 10pm, fearless captain Arista Hennessey also tried to take Pokémon Monsters’s player Viv out by smacking her across her body. Not to be outdone, her co-captain, Mr. Brock, known for his tan skin and his prenaturally closed eyes  (see image below) also did something ultimate-frisbee related like catching or throwing a disc. In the end (sometime between 8pm and 10pm), the Scoober Divers put up a great fight and had our closest score yet: 12-15. Unfortunately, we were the ones who scored 12 and Pocket Monsters were the ones who scored 15.

So it goes.

P.S. Lankey fell on his face in a cool way, Claire “Scared Claire” Olivia went deep all night despite being savage.

I don’t know much about Pokemon other than that my little brother was in a Pokemon card game league that met up once a week in the mall food court. BUT I gotta say, the Brock comparisons look pretty on point.

Pocket Monsters are now at 2-2, and Scoober Divers drop to 0-4.


  • viv

    February 11, 2020 at 5:21 pm

    just to note that we’ve written a recap every week we are just terrible at submitting them


    • Christi

      February 11, 2020 at 5:25 pm

      That’s almost worse than the “my dog at my homework” excuse…


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