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Scoober Divers


But wait! There’s more! Here’s the late recap from the Winter League regular season – Tuesday night’s game between Skeeter and Scoober Divers. Here are the details from Scoober’s Maria Duke.

Hello dear reader,

This week’s recap is a little bittersweet for me. On the one hand, Mr. Brock finally decided to show up to our game. On the other, I had to spend time with Mr. Brock. A real Catch 22.

This week, the Scoobers played a team called Skeeter. Because I’m a normal human who has a broad awareness of and appreciation for popular media AND because my mama definitely let my sisters and I watch Nickelodeon as kids and didn’t only let us watch PBS kids (shoutout to Sagwa!) because there were commercials for toys and was sick of us asking for dumb shit we saw in ads – as soon as I saw the other team’s yellow pants and red shirts with a lighting bolt, I immediately realized that their name was a reference to the kids cartoon Doug.

As we ALL know, Doug was a show about an imaginative boy named Doug, his crush Patty Mayonnaise, and his best friend named (say it with me) Skeeter.

This game was a lot like that one episode of Doug where he gets a haircut and his crush Patty Mayonnaise is at the salon and a woman named Fluke cuts his hair and a green bully and his cat make fun of him for getting a haircut and Skeeter recommends a place to get a haircut and then abandons him to go to a record store and then he gets the three hairs on his head cut and everyone celebrates and throws him a party except the green guy who yells FRESH CUT and punches him on the arm.

Except in this game, Jules had the sickest full extension layout in the end zone for a score and everyone threw HER a party instead of Doug and also no one got their hair cut.

Also, Skeeter  came back from the record score and beat the Scoober Divers by about 3-4 points if I remember correctly, which I likely do not.

At the bar, Grant and the Divers had a discussion about who the hottest winter league team. My vote is for the Scoobers. Leave yours in the comments below!!

And that’s it! Big shout out to Christi and her (conditional) support!


Aww thanks, Maria. I’ll always be around to offer conditional support. It’s the best kind, because when you get it, you know you earned it.

I’m not entirely sure what the outcome of the tourney was at this point. My team sent me no details except for the fact that they finally finished the large bottle of Arbor Mist that had been passed around all season. (And maybe even all of last season too? It’s all a blur.)

Of course, Lance and Chain both sent me recaps that I haven’t had a chance to read yet, but those will be going up shortly.

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