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TBD v.4


And now onto a more recent recap for the week. (I’m catching up today!) TBD v.4 faced off against Skeeter with both teams looking for their first win. Here’s the recap from the Cory on the TBD side.

Howdy folks! Just to clarify, this recap was a collaborative effort by many TBD players, not just me, so if anything seems weird or self-aggrandizing, that’s why. If you don’t like any part of this, I take 0 accountability, it was probably Greta.

TBD score on left, Skeeter on right
1-0 Cory throws a beautiful inside huck to Claire, who boxes out well, is tall, and snags it
1-1 Mazur hits Lily with an inside flick for the score. Technically speaking, very good, clean and effective point from Skeeter – however, in terms of style points, other than Mazur pretending to almost drop a pass, not flashy enough for my taste.
1-2 We turn it somehow. Lotto sweet inside shot to Sophie Havranek, D3 BREAKOUT PLAYER OF THE YEAR, SO I HEAR
2-2 Greta to Spencer
2-3 Sweet shot from El Jefe(Jeff) to Garrett in the back corner.
2-4 Play by play: Skeeter pulls, Kyle catches, hits Spence, to Kyle, huck, good D from Pre gets the turn, but you shouldn’t have left us…, Lotto turns it, Cory gets tired of doing this play-by-play….. scoobers are thrown, Stig gets a good D, Grant overthrows Pre a lil bit – Pre you really shouldn’t have left us, Lotto gets a sweet layout on the endzone then nice inside shot for the score
2-5 Another play by play? We’ll see. We throw over Greta on a nice under cut. Garrett picks up. Throws throws throws. My phone tried to autocorrect throws to throuple, lol. Mazur’s overthrown to the sideline, but we throw it too high over Greta again, double oof. Nice catch by Mazur.
2-6 Cory briefly pops his shoulder out of it’s socket on a sweet bid. Lotto turns a hammer, Pre gets a D WHY DID YOU LEAVE US PRE? Lotto inside shot to Pre for the score WHY DID YOU LEAVE US PRE?
2-7 Zone from Skeet. Beautiful movement from TBD, so proud. Hot hot hot hammer from Kyle to Greta but great catch up from Grant. Deep shot to Garrett, cheating. Garrett throws to young, tall, blonde guy for the score.
2-8 Cory throws the most beautiful inside backhand/blade straight into the ground you’ve ever seen. Skeeter scores.
3-9 Mazur saved by Pre’s sweet grab PRE WHY DID YOU LEAVE US
4-9 Grant sends a sweet shot to Greta, spicyyyy
4-10 Grant shoots to Lily for the score
5-10 Katie sends a massive pull, but it’s no match for TBD’s AMAZING OFFENSE! Jk we turn it. JK WE GET THE TURN BACK from GRETA’S D. Eddie tall. KYLE THE BETTER REDHEAD SCORES! Spencer threw it.
5-11 Lucky shot Lotto he didn’t understand the assignment
?-? James takes injury, Cory takes one “on principle”. Bad read leads to good play. Young tall blonde guy makes a massive layout in the endzone. Play of the game. His name starts with an M… I think
~ what actually IS the score?? ~
4-12  We kinda lose count tbh
5-12 ??????
6-12 Cory is a beautiful score machine
7-12 Elliott with a sweet d. Big huck to Spence. Nessy nice shot to Grant.
8-12 a lot happened, but in the end Cory the threw the perfect inside shot to Claire, which happened to be the ONLY available option, and it was a great idea. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, Nessy definitely wasn’t also wide open on the open side…
8-13 We get a turn. Sweet inside shots from Greta and Jackie. Tough turn due to unforeseen circumstances. Garrett to Lotto.
9-14 we scored. They scored. Chaos. Someone confused Cory (it was probably Cory) into thinking the game was over, but it was not, or was it?
10-14 Zone from skeeter. Are they tired? Is this the comeback we’ve been waiting for? Probably not, but fun to speculate.
11-14 Cory is so fast.

11-15 – someone throws a score to Mazure.

Overall, Skeeter is bonkers. Too athletic and too fundamental. Not fair. Choose one. It seemed like every lady could drop a perfect dime at will, or burst downfield to chase down a huck.

As for TBD, at 0-3 on the season… we’re Trying our Best Dude

Hmm so basically what I’m getting out of this recap:

  • “We” threw over Greta multiple times
  • Someone thinks Kyle is a redhead?
  • Potentially “young tall blonde guy” on Skeeter is Mercer Breitenbach?
  • Both teams have a player named Grant?!
  • Pre carried Skeeter
  • TBD needs to work on player retention
  • Both teams fought hard
  • Score keeping is trivial

I’m interested in how the score went from 5-11 to 4-12. Did we get new ‘powers’ added to Winter League to deduct points? What if TBD has actually won all of their games so far, but they just can keep track of the count??

I kid. I kid. I am all too familiar with playing on teams with more losses than wins. Trying our Best Dude is exactly the right spirit. Seems like the perfect rebrand to me.

Skeeter is now 1-1-1 and will play Pocket Monsters (1-2) next Thursday.

TBD v.4 is 0-3 and will play Squirtles (2-1) on Wednesday.


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