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We’re excited to announce our first ever Spring Disc Golf League!

Great for absolute beginners and experienced folks alike! Choose the division that’s best for you!

For this first edition, we are making it as flexible as possible for everyone. There are 5 courses scattered around the greater LA area to compete on! And you can play in either a disc golf or UltraStar only division. You have three weeks to get your full 18-hold round (or two) in. Excited to see y’all out there!


  • Saturday, May 8 – League begins and round scores can be submitted
  • Friday, May 28 – Registration closes
  • Saturday, May 29 – Last day of Spring Disc Golf League; submit round scores no later than 8pm!
  • Saturday, June 5 – Results are posted and prize delivery/pick-up arranged


  • The suggested cost of this league is $20, but we are asking you to Pay What You Can
    • The suggested cost of this league is $20; if you have financial barriers we don’t want that to hold you back from playing, so simply choose the price point during registration that works for you. If you are in a position to help out, please consider paying it forward during registration by paying $40.
  • No LAOUT Membership will be required to participate in all 2021 events
  • Women’s UltraStar – only Ultimate discs* allowed; great for beginners and Ultimate enthusiasts
  • Open UltraStar – – only Ultimate discs allowed; great for beginners and Ultimate enthusiasts
  • Women’s Disc Golf – disc golf discs and/or UltraStars are allowed
  • Open UltraStar – disc golf discs and/or UltraStars are allowed

*A Discraft UltraStar, Aria, Wham-O Frisbee or any other Ultimate disc is allowed; we simply call the division “UltraStar” instead of “Ultimate” so folks don’t think it’s an actual Ultimate league.


  • Will be awarded to the top finisher in each division, for each gender, at each course; that’s a total of 20 available prizes!
  • Each registrant may only win one prize though. In the event that a player finishes in first at multiple courses, then the prize will go to the next best player who does not already have a prize.

  • Players register for either the Disc Golf or UltraStar division with the gender division they most associate with. The Disc Golf division allows all PDGA approved discs (including UltraStars); the UltraStar division is limited to, you guessed it, UltraStars.
  • Disc Golf division players need 2 rounds minimum at 1 course to be eligible for prizes. UltraStar players need only 1 round at a course to compete for prizes. Players in both divisions can submit as many rounds as they want at as many courses as they want. If a player submits more scores than the minimum, then their worst rounds will be dropped.
  • Players will be given a Google Form link upon registration; players will use this form to self report scores. Because we want this to be as accessible as possible, scores are submitted using the honor system; make sure to double check all of your scores before submitting.
  • Players should follow indicated (either via arrows on trees/poles and/or on hole placards) “mandatories” (“mandos“) and out-of-bounds rules with each layout. If you’re not sure, ask someone; or just do you best! General scoring and continuation of play rules if you:
    • Land out of bounds (frequently listed on hole placards as “OB”): 1) count that throw, 2) add a penalty stroke, then 3) throw from the last place the disc traveled in bounds before going out of bounds. (EXAMPLE – A player throws their drive from the tee pad into a lake 50ft away; the player advances to the edge of the lake where the disc last was in bounds to shoot their *third* stroke–having added a stroke for the out of bounds penalty.)
    • Miss a mando (usually a tree or electricity/light pole; sometimes listed on signs as “M”): 1) count that throw, 2) add a penalty stroke, then 3) throw from right beside the object that was mandatory to go around. (EXAMPLE – A player is about to drive from the tee pad but notes there is a tree with an arrow pointing left; if the player accidentally throws their disc to the right of the tree, they will move just beside the tree to shoot their *third* stroke–having added a penalty stroke for missing the mando.)
  • We highly encourage players to download the UDisc app (free on Android & Apple devices) to view course maps and layouts, get directions to course and the firs hole, and keep score on your phone.
  • Play in groups of 4 or less
  • If you or your group seems to be playing slower than groups behind, offer for them to “play through” so you all can continue without feeling rushed or slowed; if your group is playing faster than a group ahead, consider politely asking if you can play through
  • Be mindful that sometimes disc golf courses simply have a lot of groups stacked up and playing through might not be appropriate as each group is waiting for the group ahead
  • If there is a group behind that can’t see the basket from the tee pad, make sure to yell, “Clear on hole #_!” when your group has finished and safely moved away from the basket



  • Mike Z

    May 6, 2021 at 8:07 am

    No Hahn?


  • Mike Z

    May 6, 2021 at 8:11 am

    I’ll be happy to take folks out who’ve not played at Chavez, Oak Grove, or Sylmar (though I’ve only played Sylmar a couple times). Also happy to join groups who have played there before!


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