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The St. Pat’s Hat tradition was started by Mo way back in 1995. St. Pat’s is a 2 day coed hat tournament (each player signs up as an individual and is assigned to a team for the weekend). Baggages are limited to 2 people only and both people must enter the baggage info when they register. You must pre-register, pre-pay and bring your Irish cheer in order to play.


To help spread the fun of Ultimate with old and new friends. And to celebrate a LAOUT institution older than even Summer League!


Saturday & Sunday, March 14th & 15th, 2020

Check-in is from 8:30am-9:00am on Saturday. Games start at 9:30am and run until 4:30pm on Saturday. Games are expected to start at 10:00am on Sunday and wrap up by 4:00pm.


Hjelte Sports Center at 16200 Burbank Blvd, Encino, CA 91436


  • Normal registration – $45
  • Day-of registration – $55 (no membership discounts apply)

Save 10% if you sign up for A-List membership! Sign up for a Star Membership and all of your LAOUT leagues & tournaments (except charity events) are FREE!

Please use the coupon code STRONGWOMXN or STRONGMAN before you checkout for a special discount on your first event and Basic or A-list Membership; if you decide you’d like to purchase an upgraded membership down the line, just let us know and we’ll help you out.

The LAOUT Board is pleased to announce that we are prepared to sponsor individual athletes for whom the cost of any given LAOUT League or (non Lei-Out) LAOUT event would prohibit them from playing.  Please don’t hesitate to do one of the following to apply – 1) Reach out to our President – Remy Schor at – to briefly explain your situation.  She will anonymously share the details with the Board and we will determine how we can help, or 2) Fill out the form below:


This will be as confidential a process as possible and we are genuinely hopeful that no one in our community who wants to play will be prevented from doing so due to cost.


Coed teams.  We will be playing 6v6 this year.


Players must be 14 years or older to play. If under 18, player must be accompanied by a chaperone both days…contact LAOUT at for more details.


Will be posted here on our website – along with teams – the night before the event by 9:00pm.

Most importantly, don’t forget to bring your zany, creative hat!!!


USA Ultimate 2020-2021 Rules are in effect, with the following additions/modifications:

  1. Foot-blocks are totally legal, except when marking Andy Bandit.
  2. Games to 13. Mirror half at 7.  Win by 2.  Cap at 15.
  3. Soft Cap. Signaled by one horn.  Finish current point then play to the highest score +2.
  4. Hard cap. Signaled by two horns ten minutes later. Finish current point, then only continue playing if the score is tied.
  5. One timeout per half plus one floater, no timeouts during overtime.  Overtime begins at 10-10.  Time outs are 90 seconds.
  6. Brick is 20 yards.
  7. You may substitute up to two players during a timeout.
  8. SPECIAL HAT RULE 1: You are not an offensive player without your hat on your head.  If your hat falls off, you are now just a very tall blade of grass.  You can still get a D without your hat on, but make sure not to catch your D’s unless your hat is on your head, or else it’s an instant turnover.


  • Field water (bring your own bottles) and snacks will be provided on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Make sure to bring your most creative hats!!! You are welcome to wear a simple baseball hat, but we know you can step up your game!


Starts after the end of the last round on Saturday. 2 drink tickets & 1 food ticket per person which you will pick up at the door.

Mr. Furley’s Bar
14649 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

REMEMBER: your membership discounts are only available for this tournament until March 13th.  Don’t be that person who bought the Star Membership and expect to register and walk on the morning March 14th without paying.  It will be full price for anyone despite membership on the day.

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