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Date: Saturday, August 10th


SilverLakes Sports Park
5555 Hamner Ave, Corona, CA 92880

Parking: The facility charges $10/vehicle per day so consider carpooling. Also please make sure you have a DD if you plan on drinking!

Start Time: First round begins at 8:45AM. Second round begins at 10:25AM.

Tournament Map:

Ending Time: Last round is scheduled to end at approximately 5pm-ish.

Rules: Same exact rules as the regular season.  All games will be to 13.  The only thing to note is the soft cap and hard cap are not USAU’s rules.

– Soft cap means complete the point, then add 2 to the leading total. Still win by 2. (One horn blow for soft cap.)
– Hard cap means complete the point, then add 1 to leading total. Game plays until that point is reached, regardless of how far behind a team is. (Two horn blows for hard cap.)

Tourney Format:





PARTY:  This year the party will be AT the field site!


The fee for tournament subs is $15.

Questions? Contact me at

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