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TBD v.3
Pocket Monsters


Thursday night at Balboa saw TBD v.3 match up against Pocket Monsters. The final score still hasn’t been entered into Ultimate Central yet, but Greta said PM won, and reported the halftime score of 8-7, so I put in the numbers I got. I’ll update the score if someone tells me what it is.

Balboa. The gopher holes. The lights that just go out. The rude soccer players that walk right through the game. The one soccer player who claims he “works for the city” and that getting a permit for this park isn’t a real thing until you show it to him on your phone and he gets real silent, real quick. Ahhh yes.

Pocket Monsters vs. TBD – a game of previous TBD players (some might call “traitors”) playing for a new team and TBD with some fresh tie dye and fresh playaaaas.

First half was a half of trading points. At one point TBD was up a break and then at one point PM was up a break. But it was an even game and very exciting. Again, you all should’ve been there. TBD’s first point was scored on what Cory called our “naked” play. I’m not going to elaborate because I know everyone’s just thinking of something awful but it was a dope play call and Megan caught the shit out of it.

TBD had so many different people involved in each of our scores, which I LOVEEEE to see. Zesty had an amazing grab at the edge of the endzone. Eddie skied Box (which was deserved he didn’t even go to the bar). Jackie dished it to Megan and Spencer put up the perfect huck to me.

Pocket Monsters had some people on their team I had never seen before – Galaxy and Zubair – watch out for both of them. They’re goooood. Pocket Monsters are a super fun team to play. Very athletic. Young. Hip. And…they chose to go with LIGHT GRAY as their jersey color…interesting. Can’t complain though – cause our jerseys are multiple colors since we can never decide on just one.

PM took half. 8-7. Second half was a lot of the same as the first half. Except PM went up a couple points. Char had some really nice bids and Dylan was literally everywhere doing everything on the field. You go. Crushed it. We also had to stop play like 5 million times because the soccer players refused to walk around the cones because as one of them put it “his car is right there and he can’t be bothered to walk allllll the way around the cones that were 10 ft from him”.

But all in all – Pocket Monsters were unfortunately victorious. Hoover scored their last point after a Balboa gopher hole tripped me. What can ya do? GO TO THE BAR THAT’S WHAT. Cry into your beer and eat Bryan’s fries. We actually ended up convincing some Pocket Monsters to come to the bar. I think if PM and TBD meet again it’ll be a realllllllly good game with lots of fun match ups to watch.

p.s. let’s all take a moment and remember how beautiful Fuses’ pulls were #blessed

p.p.s. Bobman doesn’t have a monster in his pocket yet – what kind do you think represents him best?

Interesting how Greta so casually throws around the word ‘traitor’ when she tried to steal TWO Rooks players this year. She was only successful on one attempt–TBD’s very own Traitor: Bryan DeVore. (Our loyalest Rook, Derek, came up with that gem. Greta tried to steal him too but Rooks won that one.)

YESS Fuse pulls are the best! More! More! More!

And I would try to come up with a good pocket monster for Bobman if I knew him better. I’ll have to crowdsource this one.

Pocket Monsters is now 3-2 and will face Dumbledore’s Army (4-0) next week. (To clarify, DA has actually played 5 games but, they don’t have scores entered from this past Wednesday’s game either. Come on people!)

TBD v.3 is 1-3-1 and will play Scoober Divers (1-4) next week.


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