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I didn’t get as many recaps in for this past week’s games. Is the excitement for our first season back already waring off?? I guess we should be grateful for what we have instead of asking for more. And in this case, it’s our very first Mens division recap! This one comes to you from Captain Toph of Fifth Harmony on their game against The Supremes.

Just as Fifth Harmony faced no recourse but to part with their fifth member, Camilla Cabello, in 2016, so did we have to no option but to deal with four players of our team finding every excuse under the sun not to show up for the opening stop of our summer tour. Luckily we were gifted with two super subs in the form of Tim Kuper and Elliot Lamborn, as well as an 11th member at the 11th hour, in the form of Victor or “Cookie”. Now, armed with a lethal-for-men’s quantity of three subs we were able to prevail about a very talented team in the form of The Supremes.

But this was a super fun game against Tim and Joe and the rest of the Wall of Sound acolytes. Truthfully, I think we were buoyed by the mirage-esque, first sighting of Ed Melo in official LAOut play since Covid. That apparition alone seemed to inspire the team to greater than average heights, and with some great Ds from Bobby Aholt and long rundown goals from Duckie and Andrew, the team rallied strongly and got some good breaks early to take half at 8-4. The Supremes fought back well though including throwing a beautiful huck to Joe just as I said “it’s all under” for the tenth time in rapid succession, once again reminding everyone of my stellar sideline advice calling. And, a crucial point that must be noted, despite mutual low numbers, both teams eschewed 7 of the 8 old guy timeouts provided to us and powered through on steam, even after I asked to raise the game cap from 13 to 15.

And, despite a lot of ballyhoo about the characteristics of men’s league play, we got through an entire game without ONE single call of any kind. Not even a travel call on me despite endless utilizations of my still un-trademarked fall-down IO flick. But it was an amazing kickoff to the season full of fast, young guys running to clean up the very creaky throws of old, old men. And the main goal of the summer was prematurely achieved when a fast throw from Scott Bergen forced Biclops to uncork a vintage bottle of athleticism with a full-body layout just in front of the stands. Awe fell over the stadium as he fell across the collective eye not unlike a theoretical pivotal scene from a yet unreleased, Air Bud: Ultimate Receiver.

It’s always fun to get back into a new season, meet some new teammates, and get to see some friendly faces you haven’t played with in a while. But the start of this Summer League has been extra sweet. And a game without ANY calls?! Now that’s my kind of Summer League! Everyone out to just run around and have fun. Nicely done, guys!

Fifth Harmony’s next game is on Thursday against the Spice Girls.

The Supremes play on Wednesday against Destiny’s Child.

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