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Whiskey Discs


After a nice long weekend, and a Monday off for Presidents day, we’re back on the good ol’ Balboa fields of yesteryear. I was a little surprised to learn that a lot of my team hadn’t actually played on these fields before. Have I been playing in LAOUT for that long? Apparently.

Anyway, we got to the field early and had to wait around a while for the fields to clear out. Around 8, we started spreading out to find field space, and then the lights started shutting down. I went over to the office with Boba’s team captain, Chin, so we could sort it all out for both games. (Boba was set to play KAPOW! also at Balboa last night.) Apparently, the lights were all set on timers, and the office manager from earlier in the day forgot to extend the time for our permits. Lights were turned back on, but it takes a while for them to warm up once they go out, so we spent some time warming up ourselves with a few drills while we waited for the second bank of lights to come back.

PSA – Any teams playing at Balboa should double check with the office as soon as you get there to make sure the lights are set to stay on until 10pm. I told them we have games Wednesday and Thursday until 10pm, so hopefully we’re good, but I’d still advise double checking to make sure you’re all set. There shouldn’t be any issues, but it’s better to be safe than sorry because there is a lot of waiting if the lights go out.

Once we got the game going, we realized Whiskey Discs was there to party. Their players were all ready for the long runs, and their ladies are machines! One lady on Whiskey (I think her name was Missy) seemed to be on every point, bidding left and right, and would immediately pop back up, ready to go.

They had some great plays, and Rooks had a few ourselves. One point we hucked it deep to Benson streaking for the endzone. His defender was right there with him and tipped the disc, Benson laid out for it, and from the sideline, we all thought it was a good bid, but were bummed he missed it. And then he rolled over with the disc in the air! NICE!

Tommy finally made it to one of our games and learned, and then successfully executed our super-new-top-secret-play. Woot!

That said, Tommy being Tommy didn’t realize until we were at the bar that DeVore isn’t on our team anymore. Aside from re-establishing our team roster, here are some other things we learned at the bar:

– Colin is on a 340-something-day streak of Duolingo. So if anyone needs help with some German, Colin knows about 20 words.
– Luigi is learning to play the bagpipes.
– He claims that he also used to play the bass recorder. Except once he saw this video of a bass recorder, he backtracked and said maybe it was a tenor recorder. (no sound needed, this is purely for visual reference only)
– Taylor and I are deeply disturbed by bass recorders.
– Colin thinks Ringo is actually Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite.
– Chain is basically still a Rook because he stayed out with us all night.

Rooks are now up 3-1 with our best record ever. And our next game is against RETRO (currently 1-2 but they have a game tonight).

Whiskey Discs falls to 0-4 and will face off against After Party (2-0-1 but they also have a game tonight, coincidentally against RETRO).

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