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Our second Tuesday Night recap comes from the Whiskey Discs vs Zanja Madre game. Two teams in their second WL season. ZM was the Boost It team last year, and I guess they did some rebranding over the off-season. Here’s the first sentence from the zanja madre wikipedia page:

The Zanja Madre (English: “Mother Trench”) is the original aqueduct that brought water to the Pueblo de Los Angeles from the Río Porciúncula (Los Angeles River).

And there’s your local LA history lesson for the day. Now, for the game recap, here’s Ryan of Mother Trench:

After two back-to-back weeks of heavy winds, Mother Nature went on hiatus and took a back seat to another formidable Mother…

Mother Trench, that is!

Whiskey Discs drew first blood as they effortlessly marched up the field after a ZM turnover to start the game. After that, however, everything was coming up Zanja.

ZM highlights include:

-Emily AKA “Sticky” conducting the flow of the offense like a boss
-Matt Lee snatching multiple scores with his cat-like reflexes (’twas vintage Matt, ladies and gentlemen)
-Lauren with the best pulls on the team (step aside, Roper)
-Big Byrd’s flick huck score (why you been holding out on us all season, brother?!)
-Kellee continuing her score streak (I believe the beer pong terminology is “on fire!”)
-Wendy delivering yet another Grammy deserving Spirit Cheer, this time to the tune of “Old Town Road”. Wendy, we don’t deserve you!

Aw man, that’s rough for Whiskey that their only point of the game was the first point. At least they came out swinging. Maybe they won the bar?

Also, as soon as I read “everything coming up Zanja,” I knew I had to include a Milhouse gif.

At this point, you’re probably all wondering about schedule for the rest of the season. I assure you, Dan is working tirelessly to get everything finalized, and there should be an update coming soon!

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