Winter 2019Winter League Tournament Info

Tournament Location:

Central Park in Santa Clarita – Directions
1st Captains Meeting for teams starting in round 1: 7:30
2nd Captains Meeting for teams starting in round 2: 9:15

Bracket Links:

Field Map:

Report Scores on Ultimate Central

All Games except finals:

Play to 13, win by 2, hard cap at 15
1 TO per half and 1 floater
No TOs in cap
Soft cap – Add 2 to highest score, play to that score
Hard cap – If a team is winning after hard cap, game over. If tied, play 1 more point.
11th Edition USAU Rules


Play to 15, win by 2, hard cap at 17
2 TO per half
No cap

Gender Rules:

At least 4m/3w at all times.
Gendzone is encouraged but not required. Please have a discussion about this with the other team at the very least.

Stay tuned for Party Details

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