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Today was a long day at work. I got home, went to open a bottle of wine, and ran smack dab into my good friend Murphy. Turns out, he decided to have a little “fun” with my corkscrew. I got the screw nearly all the way into the bottle when it broke off from the handle, leaving me with a still closed bottle of wine and a cheap piece of plastic in my hand. Cool cool cool.

Not to be one who lets obstacles get in the way, I pulled out my shoebox full of tools, found the needle nose pliers, extracted the original screw, and pulled out my backup corkscrew. Yes, of course I have a backup corkscrew. I even have another one in the glovebox of my car (which I swear is not as bad as it sounds).

It’s possible you clicked on this recap to read about the BGF vs KAPOW game and not about my Wednesday evening kitchen nightmares, in which case, you might think this all seems very unrelated. And you would be correct. I have no transition here. I’m tired.

Here’s Lance’s recap from the KAPOW! side:

Culver City High School: home of the Aviators, Astra, Culver City Tuesday Night Ultimate, and our weekly league game on the lacrosse field! To be honest, the field feels easier to get to than Rancho Cienega for us coming down the 405. The night was clear and very calm, like 0 wind at all, which was a welcomed event this season considering even last week there was some very lite wind that started during the game. But tonight, it was non-existent!

Cody from BGF delegated the captains meeting with Meg and me to Sonja, which they won the flip and decided to start on defense. Sonja formally played on Tarmac, and we all miss her video recaps. Maybe whoever she plays for can allow her to co-recap and add in some video action?

BGF went up early in the first, leading 3-1, our one point by Billy, assisted by Josh. As we were unable to get a solid team practice in since before the season, and with only a couple games left before the tournament, we decided to try some new things tonight that did not go according to plan. Of course, running long points through the night was also not in the plan either. After getting our chemistry back in order, we scored the next 7 in a row, KAPOW! taking the half 8-3, with Bobby assisting Meg.

The second half started with what felt like an extremely long point, which we pulled through with a shot from Matt Cox to Meg to lead 9-3. BGF would only score twice more before the game was over 15-5, Andrew catching that final goal, but his defender stayed with him the entire way.

Though the game ended favoring us, and it could really weigh hard on teams and morale, BGF stuck it through, their players had high spirits and tons of fun. We took a timeout to discuss our plans, and they were having a dance party! We all know that BGF stands for Big Gay Frisbee and the community that they represent, but with how their players presented themselves, we could replace Gay with synonyms, such as lighthearted, carefree, happy, cheery, and mirthful. Their players were a joy to be around. One of their players was in a blue, fluffy tutu. Sonja was even wearing orange Halloween socks, which she said they would have been Christmas themed had she been able to get home earlier. And Cody had a huge smile the entire night, from the time he arrived until after everyone either headed home, or joined the pickup game on the football field – which was a blast!

Overall, BGF was a fun team to play against, and their players presented some challenges. They made some great plays, their cuts were fast and long, and they didn’t give up on the disc. As one of the newest teams in the league, they have a lot of potential to grow and build stronger chemistry. They are a team that we look forward to play again, win or lose, just due to their spirits. Plus, they had one of the most original cheers for KAPOW! this season, or ever.

Nicely done BGF for coming out swinging! I played them a couple of weeks ago and had a great time. They are definitely one of the best spirited teams out there.

With that game, KAPOW! is now 3-3 and will play Skylife (4-0-1) for their last game of the season.

BGF is 0-5 and has their final game against Plenty of Boba in the Tea (3-2) next week.

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