RecapWinter 2020Dumbledore’s Army vs Bubble Party

Dumbledore's Army
Bubble Party


It’s great to see new teams forming, and this year we have four—BGF, Bubble Party, Pasadena Sea Pandas, and Pocket Monsters. I’m not counting Zanja Madre because I’m pretty sure that’s the Boost It! team from last year with a new name. Someone tell me if I’m wrong.

Tuesday night, the Dumbledore’s Army veterans took on the greenhorn Bubble Party team. Here’s Nate from DA with my favorite kind of recap—one jpg.

My favorite part of these recaps is the punny names they give themselves in their GroupMe. I mean, Licious Malfoy, Mad-Eye Kwoky, Nearly Headless Nate, and Jeanmione Franger ? Sign me up!

Too bad there wasn’t any mention of the Bubble Party team. I’m curious to hear from their side and see how they do this season. And since they didn’t have a team picture on Ulti Central, I googled bubble stock image and picked one for them.

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