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Pasadena Sea Pandas


Last night, I received another recap from one of the first games of the week between Pasadena Sea Pandas and BGF. Both are brand new teams to Winter League this year, which should be a fun matchup.

And, since the Pasadena Sea Pandas didn’t have a team picture on Ultimate Central, I did more googling. Most of the images were of the Panda Inn restaurant in Pasadena, so I thought this Orca cross-stitch was the most fitting.

Here’s the recap from Sea Panda’s Erika Ye.

It was a fun and good spirited game. Solid and steady plays from BGF who did a good job of using everyone on the field. I think the final score was 15-6.

The score on Ultimate Central says 15-7, so I’m going to go with that for the final unless someone corrects it. But it’s great to hear our newest teams had a good time out on the field and were able to utilize all of their players! I’m looking forward to watching both of these teams this season.

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