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TBD v.3


Back at the good ‘ol Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, Marshall matched up against TBD v.3. To be clear, as Andy states in his recap, he doesn’t know the actual score, just that it was a tie. I just picked 12s because I had to put something there, and there’s no reported score on Ultimate Central either…. Tsk tsk.

That means there were two Monday night game that ended in a tie. (Skylife and After Party also tied, but I haven’t received a recap from that game.)

Andy sent his recap over with this email subject line: Marshall v. TBD v.3

This subject titles feels like three teams played each other.  And one of them hasn’t come up with their name yet.

“The sole goal of Mole Hole is to score goals in the hole.”  Thanks to Meg Hofner for creating the new game Mole Hole.  We discussed the dearth of Olympic level beach games at the Robin Hood last night.  And Meg suggested a completely new game where you dig holes in the sand, and then score goals in the holes.  It’s possible this is a “you had to be there” thing, but trust me, it’s hilarious.

Christi always sent lots of gifs in her recaps, so I’m returning the favor.  Handle it Betz!
I’m at the age where I no longer keep track of the score.  Or know the score.  Or…. I don’t know….. care?  So all I know is we tied last night.  Could’ve been 12s.  13s. Or 9’s.  Not sure.

Ties suck more than that Stormtrooper who punched Baby Yoda.  Ties are worse than running out of pickles at a tournament.  Ties make me madder than four more years of Trump.

Oh, did I got too far? No, ties are worse.

But what can you do? The lights are going out at exactly 10pm these days. And even if they don’t, the fields will threaten to cancel your permit and take your first born if you’re not packed up and out the door on the 10th chime.

Did I mention the whole sole goal of Mole Hole is to roll a goal in the hole? lol

(That’s funnier if you actually read it as loll)

Okay, let’s talk about highlights. You’re here for the highlights, right?

Paparazzi – aka Papa – aka Greatest Player in LA according to Eric Brach – aka female Cubby – aka I’m not dating Cory, why does everybody ask me that – – – was a baller last night, and threw two passes past my weak sauce old man lay out poach attempts. Suck it me. Pwned. (Is that still a thing?)

Danielle DiRaddo – who I heard a good story about how she got onto the team but I was pretty drunk at the time at the Beach League party – what else is new – so I couldn’t tell you any of it, I just remember going “hmmmm, interesting” so it was probably good – – – was handler extraordinaire. Very impressive. Owned the center of the field like a chess grandmaster.

Tattoodles is super fast and was a beast getting down field for big gainers on upwind hucks. I forgot to mention there was kind of a moderate wind, and scoring upwind was at a premium. (Ties are worse than the worst wind.) Tattoo’s deep busts were so huge for us. Both directions, I should mention. What, you think she goes just one way?

Cory Eat My Own Chest Hair Osk.d.m.r.y…. there’s a lot of letters – – – had THE MOST AMAZING SINGLE PLAY I HAVE EVER SEEN, AT LEAST SINCE LEI-OUT, when he failed to catch a disc over his head (cause you know, height stuff) and fell to the ground out of bounds, and his defender, who shall remain nameless but it rhymes with Cubby, assumed the play was over and gave up on it, only to watch as Cory got back up, established feet in bounds (rules), and dove full extension to make the catch and score. Holy banana hammock! It was freakin’ amazing. I chubbed up a little.

They say baseball is a game of inches. Ultimate is centimeters. As in how close Gary Molano came to ending the game on a layout attempt within a minute of TBD tying the game and the lights going out. It was SO CLOSE you can call him Glenn.

Good game. Lots of fun. Much bar fun. Can’t wait until I die roll Papa. If it lands 3, Marshall wins.

And thanks to Christi for taking over recapping duties. She’s killing it, and I’m so happy to see them continuing.

GIF recaps are the best. Friends GIFs are even better. A++ Mr. Bandit.

I gotta say, it definitely sounds like this Mole Hole game is something you had to be there for. Not quite sure I get it, but I’ll trust you guys.

I loved how Andy described Cory’s play as one of the best plays he’s ever seen and then caveated ‘at least since Lei-Out’ which was only a week ago… I’ll leave that open to interpretation.

With their first year in the A Division, TBD is definitely making a mark. They’ll play Dumbledore’s Army next week.

Marshall will be up against Skeeter, and both of these teams will be looking for their first win.

UPDATE: This morning, I received a second recap of this game from TBD v.3’s Cory:

This time we had a working marker but a tiny whiteboard.

The game actually ended 14-14, with TBD scoring in the downwind endzone just before lights went out. I see how that’s confusing since Andy’s recap says 12-12, and my scoreboard shows 13-14, but I promise, it was 14-14.

Marshall’s throws were frustratingly perfect in the wind, and Joe Forbes seemed like the only player on the field who could huck up-wind in these conditions.

Bar recap: Grant was odds’ed to eat chest hair. But did he eat it? TBD.

Just kidding, he did. He totally did.

I’m not entirely convinced that Grant was even at the bar on Monday since I’m pretty sure he’s not even in California right now. But what do I know? TBD.

Just kidding. Apparently there’s more than one Grant. Who knew?


  • Snatch

    January 28, 2020 at 12:41 pm

    Christi I think you mean skylife and afterparty tied. Animal played Retro and did not tie 🙂


    • Christi

      January 28, 2020 at 1:11 pm

      Whoops! Fixed it 🙂


  • Nathan Warden

    January 28, 2020 at 12:46 pm

    Andy back in the RECAP game.
    Mark that up as “Things you like to see!”


  • Seth

    January 29, 2020 at 10:32 am

    Love the recap Andy! He’s too modest to mention that besides just missing two layout d’s on Papa, He got a few really nice D’s as well.
    When he was in his 20’s he would have gotten them all. But I’m mighty proud he still gets his share 20 years later


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