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Zanja Madre


Zanja Madre and BGF matched up on Monday night at Culver City High School. And both teams were looking for their first win of the season.

Here’s the recap from Ryan of Zanja Madre.

‘Twas a dark and windy night! Makes me recall these wise words:
We first feared the wind, but then the wind feared us” – Padre Zanja, 1868

Zanja Madre took an early, commanding 7-1 lead, but BGF found their groove and rattled off 5 consecutive points. Going into half, Zanja had an 8-5 lead.

After a brief halftime, the teams took to the field with less windy conditions. BGF continued to have the hot hand and nearly tied the game (8-7 in ZM’s favor). Zanja Madre then found their flow and cemented their lead, eventually winning 15-10.

There were fantastic upwind break points by both teams! Zanja highlights include:

-Jack’s textbook defense on the up-calls. Dude knows how to track down a disc!
Kellee scoring 4,910 of our 15 points. We appreciate you. Great runs, great catches
-Emily’s shutdown defense and impressive knockdowns
-Colin changing his name to Oliver
-Celebrity guest star Maggie (our sub) catching that ISO upwind point
-Maggie saying we look good as a team 🙂
-Matt Lee generously donating blood in 2/2 games this season
-Lauren keeping score and cheering on both teams despite being injured
-Wendy’s grammy nominated end-of-game spirit cheer to the tune of “Believe” by Cher. Wendy is a LEGEND!
Congrats to Zanja Madre on their first win of the season! However, it sounds like they’re really overworking Kellee if she’s scoring over 300x the number of points needed. 🙂
And props to BGF for nearly coming back from 7-1 to nearly tie it up at 8-7! That’s definitely impressive.
Next week: Zanja Madre will match up against After Party and BGF will play Animal Style.

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