RecapWinter 2020Plenty of Boba in the Tea vs Rooks

Plenty of Boba in the Tea


After some scheduling matchup issues were sorted out, it was determined that Rooks would play Plenty of Boba in the Tea.

Rooks got there on time and started warming up as we waited for Boba to join us. And waited. And waited. I checked in with their captain and they only had two ladies so far, but more were on the way. They just might have gone to the wrong field first. Whoops!

The rest of the Boba team finally showed up and busted out their new jerseys, and HOT DAMN I’m jealous. They even put the LAOUT logo on the sleeve! I meant to take a picture of one for the recap, but alas, I’m terrible at remembering to take pictures. #eldermillenial

Anywhoo… the game started with a slight breeze. There were TONS of marathon points. We had really great match-ups that kept everything challenging. Even though the wind died down around half time, we still had some long points trading turns back and forth.

AND THEN… right around 9:50 or so, huge gusts of wind came across the fields, picking up tons of dust and debris from the construction site outside of the stadium. Here’s actual footage of Comet on the sideline with Molly.

The wind was so strong that we had tumble-trash (the LA version of tumbleweeds) rolling across the field. Cones were knocked over. The disc was barely controllable. I wouldn’t have been the least bit surprised if this had happened:

Boba had possession made a few throws, and lost it in the wind. Rooks would pick it up and quickly do the same. I wish someone had kept track of the number of turns in that point because it felt endless. More than once, the disc would fall to the ground and then get picked up by the wind and blown further down the field (generally in Rooks favor, so that was nice). I believe Jordan finally caught the score for Rooks to end that point. THANK GOD.

During that time, we realized it was 10pm so the captains decided to hard-cap the next point. It was still pretty windy but we were able to wrap it up with Boba making the final catch to bring it to 14-5. (Or something like that? Someone let me know if that sounds wrong.)

Despite the large point differential, we all had a blast. Boba is an awesome team and everyone was laughing and having fun the whole time.

And now for the Boba side of the story from Chain.

I apologize beforehand for my recap. One, I don’t have gifs which I know Christi likes. I’m too tired to figure out how to input them and I’m not a computer person. Second, I’m a little tipsy after drinking with the team and usually drinks make me silly but tonight I’m feeling sentimental. Boba was playing Rooks and trying to claim a first win. It was a bit blustery so we knew what kind of game it could turn into; Socal players suck in wind myself included. I just hoped not to embarass myself.

Before I get into the game, I want to shout out Rooks as a whole. They were the first team I played for in winter league. I am not the most outgoing person and I have always felt like kind of a nobody, a loner, an outsider. I have dealt with things in my life that have made it difficult for me to make relationships with the people around me but what helps is having friz, not just the game but the people. Colin and Christi are a couple of those people that make it fun and worthwhile. My first time playing club was with Gridlock and Colin was one of my captains. I was pretty fresh out of college and fresh to friz and did not really know what I was doing and who anybody was in friz really. Colin taught me how to play friz the right way, how to cut and clear, with patience and encouragement especially when I did not feel I was holding up. Colin made me a man, in a frisbee sense, from a scared insecure boy. Colin is the type of player I wanted to be and emulate in my game, so when he invited me to play Rooks I did not hesitate. Anyway, I just wanted to show appreciation to Colin and Christi (Christi does so much for the LAOUT community and I can’t thank her enough for all her work, also I appreciate her inviting me to play with her leiout team which was a blast) and for all of Rooks; many of whom I consider friends. They are a treasure of the LA ultimate community. Sorry for being maudlin but I just needed to say it.

I’m sorry to bust into the middle of a recap, but I couldn’t help it. This is so sweet! Our little Rook is all grown up!

Okay, back to Chain:

The game itself was a blast. We were a bit worried about numbers but eventually Merlin  showed up with our sweet jerseys. When we put them on, I don’t know, it felt different. It seemed to give us confidence. We came out to a roaring lead; we were playing crisp offense, not just hucking it like crazy. We also were playing solid d against a strong Rooks team. I myself was worried about having to guard fast dudes like Derek, Zach, and Benson (aka Syndrome). Once again our ladies were strong. I want to shout out Megan on Boba, who I just met this year. She’s such an awesome player and provides such a calming presence to our handling core. Also Sara, who seems to get d’s all the time and come up with big grabs.

I think we went into half like 8-2 but it didn’t feel comfortable. Rooks had the players and experience to do damage. Shout outs to Adair for being such a calm and great handler for Rooks and Jordan for hitting some great shots down the field and making grabs. Also Luigi had some great throws tonight. It was nice to see Darryl my other Gridlock captain, such a great dude. Second half, Boba surprisingly continued to roll until the wind picked up. It then turned into a shitshow of the highest quality for both teams. Insert Benny Hill theme here.  I remember one of the last points having so many turns and discs flying everywhere. I myself missed a disc, macked a disc which then proceeded to roll around. The heckling was fun and the spirit was high despite the comedy of errors.

All in all, a fun spirited game with a special team. Boba got the win but I think we all win when we love each other. Hell, I don’t know what I am saying. Great game Rooks, I love y’all.

I may be slightly biased, but I think this is the best recap I’ve ever read. Chain is the best. Plenty of Boba in the Tea is an awesome team. It was a great night.

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