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We’ve stacked all the Winter League games onto two nights a week, and that means there are sooo many recaps ready to post all at the same time. I’m getting through it all as quickly as I can, but you know, I have a day job. If anyone wants to help me automate this, that would be great. Maybe even get a bot to write the intros?

Until that happens, here’s Tahlia’s recap from Bubble Party.

My recap will be short but for those curious I have written a few words that may describe the events of last night. We, Bubble Party, faced off against those damn Ninja Squirtles. The game started and they were already up 2-0. After a point that lasted probably the length of last week’s game against Dumbledore’s Army, we scored. It was certainly windy at the beginning of the game, it was clear to us on Bubble Party that Kai had sold her soul to the wind for control because the disc just always seemed to land in her hands when it was flopping out of all of ours. Additionally, as soon as we decided to try a zone, the wind decided to stop. Well, the game continued and I had a lot of fun. I’m not really sure who did what or if anyone actually did anything, but when the game ended we lost the frisbee part. I think the score was 15-8?? Bubble Party and Rooks won the bar (WOO!)

One last lingering question, do Squirtles swim? I’m unsure if we came to a clear consensus on this.

I was talking to Bubble Party at the bar last night, and they were saying how the wind died down at the end of their game. They played at Culver City High School which is only 4 miles away from Rancho where Rooks played, but apparently we had very different weather. Maybe Kai really was able to control the wind over there.

Bubble Party will face Pocket Monsters next week. Both are new teams this year, and both are looking for their first win.

Ninja Squirtles is now 2-0 and will next play Scoober Divers.

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