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Animal Style


There’s not a whole lot of set up needed for this recap. Animal Style played RETRO and Joanna knocked it out of the park with a rhyming poem recap. Enjoy.

The lights were on, the wind was rough
Animal came out and started tough
1-1, and 3-3
Then RETRO turned up their Z
Oft successful and sometimes broken
The key for Animal was to keep in motion
3-6 and a time out is needed
Confidence and swings or else we’d be beaten
A flip is switched and Animal roars
Three in a row the throws are scores
It’s getting late and the score is tied
Calls are discussed and tensions rise
Half is taken in RETRO’s favor
Animals huddle and decide not to waver
They come out strong and tie it again
But RETRO is ready and has a plan
They bang out a solid three point lead
Lets speed up the chatter Animals plead
It’s almost ten and lights are a worry
But the staff says there’s no need to hurry
Animal begins to light the fire
The throws connect like electric wire
Claire to Ted and Buster to Snatch
Every play results in a catch
It’s now 14-12 as Animals score
RETRO speeds up like never before
By 10:30 their light luck was done
At 14-13 Animals won
Four full teams showed up to the bar
Where the fun of frisbee gets a gold star
Good chemistry and smiles make up the team
But Robin Hood employees pro’bly wanna scream

I love that Joanna was able to give a complete picture of the game, all in rhymes. Although, I feel like you have a pretty strong advantage when one of your players has a name that rhymes with catch. Still, A++!

I’m surprised the lights stayed on until 10:30, which would make me a little nervous about overstaying our welcome, but even in a poem, Joanna worked in the fact that they talked to the field rep and were allowed to continue playing past our 10pm permit. As you should all be aware by now, we really need to be mindful of the time and make sure we’re off the fields by 10pm at all fields. We all know fields are difficult to come by in LA, and we don’t want to get kicked out of the ones we have. End PSA.

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