Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams


Rules: UPA 11th edition are in effect, with the following additions/modifications:

– No footblocks. A footblock is a foul. An attempted footblock is also a foul and is treated the same as if you got a footblock.

– Default on lights is game over when there’s one bank of lights left. But captains may decide IN ADVANCE to continue playing under one bank (although you really shouldn’t, cause it’s unsafe). Remember, we pay for only two banks of lights.

– Addendum to light rule.  If the disc is in the air when the lights go out, the result of the play stands.  So a disc caught in the end zone is a score so long as the lights went out after the throw went up.

– Default on sprinklers is game over if sprinkler heads are in the playing field.  But captains may decide to move the field away from the sprinklers if field space is available, or may elect to play through the sprinklers.  However, one bank of lights out PLUS sprinklers on the field is an automatic game over.  Captains may not override this rule.

– One timeout per half plus one floater, no timeouts during overtime. Overtime occurs when the score is 14-14 or higher.

– You may substitute up to 2 players during a timeout.

– Play is strict 4/3.   If you have fewer than 3 women, you must play with 6 players.  But there’s a women’s sub pool, so just ask for additional women and I’ll see what I can do for you.

– If you have only three men, you may play four women.

– Injury substitutions: You may substitute a woman for an injured man, but you may not substitute a man for an injured woman. The opposing team, whether on offense OR defense, is not required to match the gender ratio mid-point.

– For time-out substitions, you may not change the gender ratio mid-point. Men can only be substited for men. Women for women.

– All games are to 15, win by 2, cap at 18. Mirror half at 8.

– A game is considered official as soon as it reaches halftime.  A game that does not reach halftime is not an official game and results in a tie, regardless of score.

– The first team to choose one of the two powers offered for that week gets their pick, and the other team takes the other power.  Powers do not need to be used in games.  They’re just fun options.  When you declare use of a power, you must use it for that point and that point only.  The first moment a team can pick a power is when they get seven on the line for the first point of the game.

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  1. #6 has been changed to be ALWAYS 4/3 men/women, per the draft meeting. Correct?

  2. Correct. I’ll change it. Thanks for catching that.

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