What we love even more than playing Ultimate, is the community and friendships that our sport fosters.  Beyond playing in LAOUT’s Leagues, we hope you find a place to plug in and get connected with what the Ultimate community is doing both here and around the world!

About Us

The mission of LAOUT is to grow the sport of Ultimate in the Los Angeles area by providing playing opportunities for people of all skill levels while also promoting the Spirit of the Game.

Giving Back


SCYU – Souther California Youth Ultimate – is a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization supported by LAOUT which is committed to teaching, supporting, and growing youth ultimate in southern California. They put on several events every year on both beach and grass specifically for kids and teenagers to introduce them to the sport we all love!

Habitat for Humanity

On February 3rd, 2018, LAOUT partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Los Angeles to build Homes and Hope in our community. We had a great turnout and exceeded our $5000 fundraising target!

We hope to continue to give back to our community. Please check back for more outreach opportunities or Contact Us if you have ideas where you would like to see LAOUT give back.

Ultimate Peace

Ultimate Peace is a non-profit that gives youth in the Middle East a chance to build friendships by playing ultimate frisbee.

The idea emanated from a trip to Israel organized by David and Dori, in which an All-Star Ultimate team known as the Matza Balls taught Israeli children and promoted the sport of Ultimate. While excited by the significant momentum generated in the world of Israeli Ultimate by facilitating clinics and a tournament, the Americans were dismayed by the realization that Ultimate was not being played in the neighboring Arab and Palestinian sporting communities. Members of the team wondered what it would be like to have Muslim, Christian and Jewish children sharing the joys of throwing and catching a soaring disc, playing on a team cooperatively, and settling on-field disagreements collaboratively. This vision, shared by Linda (organizer of international youth Ultimate) for years, was pursued vigorously since 2006 and ultimately led to the concept of Ultimate Peace, and the inaugural 2009 event.

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