Air Quality Policy

Last Upated: September 21st 2020


Air quality in Southern California has been an issue for decades and there are enhanced
concerns when wildfires are burning, especially in the Fall. LAOUT takes the health and
safety of all its athletes very seriously and has therefore implemented the following policy for
all outdoor events.
An air quality index​ (AQI) is used by government agencies to communicate to the public how polluted the air
currently is or how polluted it is forecast to become. Public health risks increase as the AQI rises. The
following guidelines indicate when play should be altered or halted based on indices near 100 or higher


LAOUT uses ​PurpleAir AQI data with AQandU conversion factor enabled to make decisions on air
quality. To find this info for our events click the following links:

At an AQI of 100 to 150​, it is recommended that strenuous play or prolonged exertion in sensitive individuals
should be limited or avoided​. Therefore, LAOUT offers three options at this threshold:

  1. One or both teams may request a reschedule with one another. If one team makes the request then it
    should be respected without question. Captains are responsible for this conversation and determining
    on which date the make-up game will be scheduled. Please email (or inform, if day-of) the League
    Director (LD) when rescheduling is agreed upon.
  2. Teams may agree to cancel the game. Please email (or inform, if day-of) the League Director (LD)
    when cancellation is agreed upon.
  3. Teams may mutually decide to play but it must be a reduced game to 9 points. There may also be two
    additional timeouts inserted into the game. If agreeing to play, please know that the LD has the right to
    cancel games at any point should the conditions get worse, or should they feel that the playing
    experience is particularly poor for the majority of participants. LAOUT values player safety first and
    therefore have empowered LDs to make these tough decisions; thanks for your cooperation.

If AQI is at or over 150​, all outdoor play is suspended!

Actions to be aware of:

  • If there is an ​AQI of 90-110​ the morning of a day event, or the afternoon of an evening event, please:
    • check your email and/or event GroupMe for any notifications from the LD; and
    • plan on meeting at the venue to make final decisions if the LD hasn’t specified otherwise.
  • Please direct initial inquiries to the league or tournament director.
  • Members of the LAOUT Board can be reached by email at