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0 2018 Women’s Beach League

Women’s Beach League registration is open.

0 2018 Men’s Beach League

Men’s Beach League registration is open.

0 Winter League 2018

Sign ups for winter league are happening. You can sign yourself and your team up.


0 BGF Fall League 2017

Big Gay Frisbee fall league is at Pan Pacific Park on Sundays in October and November.

0 Beach League 2017

Beach League Registration is now open. The league starts on Sunday, October 1, and the tournament is on Sunday, December 3.

0 Summer League 2017

Summer League Registration is currently open.

5 Winter League 2017 Signups are open!

Winter League registration for 2017 is now open. There’s some new rules regarding women, and a membership part this year, so please read to learn about everything.

0 Beach League 2016

For our 12th season, Beach League is coming back to Santa Monica; the birthplace of Muscle Beach, home to The California Incline (to be re-opened later this year, maybe), and the place where The Subway to the Sea gets you about 4 blocks from a long walk to the ocean.
Our Youth Division is coming back for it’s 6th year, and looking to be stronger than ever. These kids are good – watch out, they’ll be D-ing you before you know it.

7 Summer League 2016

Registration has closed for Summer League. You can sign up for the waiting list if you like at this point.

0 Women’s League Registration now Live!

Sign up for Women’s Beach League! April 2nd – May 14.