Spring League 2024

Spring is finally here, and we’re kicking it off with a classic! All skills are welcome, and we highly encourage new players to come out and learn how to play ultimate! Spring league is a draft league, so ALL players who sign up will be placed on a team! However, this year, we have a whole new and exciting format to help stimulate beach ultimate in our community brought by your comments and requests!

We will be having female-matching and male-matching games on the beach on Sunday mornings starting on April 28th! The teams will be divided in a hat-league style and the games will by 4 v 4. Those initial games will be part of the official league and will have common standings as well as a league-end tournament. However, we will also put together mixed games from those same teams to follow the initial morning games that will be unofficial, but organized, for those who wish to stay and play in a mixed format. This change comes from the many comments and thoughts we received from the spring league questionnaire we put out a few months ago.


$20 w/ basic membership
  • $18 w/ A-List membership
  • $0 w/ Star membership


$20 w/ basic membership
  • $18 w/ A-List membership
  • $0 w/ Star membership


  • There will be two different leagues: a male-matching division and a female-matching division
  • Registration begins on March 27th and will run through April 25th
  • Teams will be created by April 26th and messaged out to registrants as well as uploaded to UltiCentral
  • Games will be at 10:00am and 11:00am over the following Sundays: 4/28, 5/5, 5/12, 5/19, 5/26, 6/2
  • The first game will be divided league games, and the second game will be organized, but unofficial, mixed games
  • 6/2 will be our “tournament day”


  • 4v4 format, stall is to 6.
  • 50-minute games.
  • Games are to 13, win by 2. Half at 7, hardcap at 15.
  • 1 Timeout per half and a floater.
  • Per beach rules, no footblocks.

If you are new to ultimate, please use the coupon code STRONGWOMEN or STRONGMAN before you check out for a special discount on your first event and Basic/A-list membership.

We also have a “Pay What You Can” option through our financial assistance fund. If you are a player with a financial barrier or would like to donate, please contact us for details!

4 thoughts on “Spring League 2024”

  1. Is there a way for women to sign up for a pick-up list (but not join an official team) in case a team is short ladies and needs subs? I’ll be out of town for half the dates, so don’t want to join an official team and be absent for half the games.

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