Summer League 2024

LAOUT is excited to be back with Summer League. Keeping up with past seasons, this year’s them will be Reality TV shows! We’re excited to see you, Bachelors and Bachelorettes, to show us how you outwit, outplay, and outlast your competitors on the field.

Registration Deadline: June 7th (May 28th for early registration)

Draft: June 8th 2024

League: June 10th – August 30th

Tournament: August 31st

Potential Field Venues & Nights:

*Teams generally play one game a week (there may be 1-2 bye weeks); specific nights & venues are not guaranteed*

Mixed League

  1. The format will be 6 v 6 with the ratio always as 3 FMP and 3 MMP on the field. 
  2. The number of MMP and FMP will be the same in each team. 
  3. MMP can play in the Mixed division in the following ways:
    1. Baggaging with FMP
    2. MMP who had to play Men’s for the past two leagues (Winter and last year’s Summer League)
    3. Lottery: randomly selected from a pool depending on the number of MMP spots available in the Mixed division. 

Men’s League

  1. The format will be 6 v 6. 
  2. We will prioritize having enough players on each team over the number of teams. Enough players will be having ~ 18 players on each team (which equates to about 3 lines) 

Full Rules and Regulations can be found here:


This year, we’ll be including a black LAOUT jersey free with summer league registration! Alternatively, upgrade to get a black and white LAOUT reversible. Want to complete the look? Take a look at our hats as well! These will all be available in the add-ons section of the registration (link above).

Insight to our Lottery System

We are improving on the existing lottery system to be more fair and inclusive.

MMP who played Men’s the previous year because they didn’t win the Mixed lottery get one additional entry into this year’s lottery, plus an additional entry per consecutive year they’ve attempted to get in and played Men’s instead. This applies to the past two seasons (2019 and 2022). The scenarios are laid out in the table on the right.

Played Mixed in 2019?Played Mixed in 2022?No. of entries to 2023 lottery

Baggage Policy

  1. Only two people can baggage together
  2. Captains cannot baggage with another player unless this player is a new player
  3. Baggage is only for people with children or who are carpooling from the same neighborhood with the following exceptions and limitations:
    • Short of living with one another, we strongly recommend avoiding a baggage that results in two round 1 players* being paired together
    • FMP can baggage with any MMP; this MMP bypasses the lottery
    • You can always email the Commish to clarify if your baggage seems fair or to ask for an exception: It is up to the discretion of the commissioner to make the determination.

*If you self rank yourself as a 7.5+ out of 10 in the LAOUT player landscape, you’re likely a round 1 player.

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  1. I could only play the first few weeks this year and then am out of town rest of summer. Is there a sub pool I could sign up for to play in mixed? Don’t want to draft on a team that I leave a few games into the season.

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