Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams



Start time is 9:00AM – please make sure your teammates all know to arrive on time, so we can make sure to make it to the party @ Cha-Cha Chicken by 1pm.

Every team will play at least 2 games.  Same format as the season 4-on-4, with stall count to 10, 1 time-out per half and a floater.  Soft Cap will be 15 minutes before the next round and Hard cap will be 5 minutes before the next round (a whistle will be blown to indicate hard/soft cap). 

Party Details:
After the Finals around 1pm, we’ll head to CHA-CHA CHICKEN @ 1906 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica Ca. 90405 for some yummy food and drinks! 
* Drinks including Margaritas & Beer will be paid for by the League and available in coolers towards the back of the restaurant. 
INCENTIVE:**The Winning Team of the Women’s League Tournament will have their meal paid for at the party!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
All others must pay for their own food. 
The staff at Cha-Cha Chicken requested you know what you want to eat before arriving so please check out the menu at http://www.chachachicken.com/services.html  to choose from some delicious options!  🙂 

Looking forward to a wonderful ending to a successful Women’s League! 

Any questions, please feel free to e-mail me.

~ Crissy Vega

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