St. Pat’s Hat 2023


No need to find a four-leaf clover, luck is on your side when you sign up for LAOUT’s 27th Annual St. Pat’s Hat tournament!  The St. Pat’s Hat tradition was started by Mo in 1995. St. Pat’s is a two-day coed hat tournament (each player signs up as an individual and is assigned to a team for the weekend). You must pre-register, pre-pay, and bring your Irish cheer in order to play.


To have fun playing Ultimate with old and new friends; and to indulge in all things Irish and millinery (hats off if you know this word). And to celebrate a LAOUT institution older than even Summer League & LeiOut!


Saturday & Sunday March 18th & 19th, 2023. Rough event schedule:

  • We will be assigning teams and emailing out your team colors by Friday afternoon on 3/17. Just enough time to either go to a thrift store, or call a friend to make sure you have something the right color to wear.
  • All tourney meeting at 9:30AM on Saturday
  • Games start at 10:00AM and run until 4:30PM on Saturday
  • Shower up – or simply change into your shower cap – and head to the pub to drink away your turnovers from ~4:45-???; nobody will know on Sunday, lest you keep the shower cap on
  • Top 3 limericks reading and voting at ~6:00pm; drink tickets stop working at 7:30PM
  • Games are expected to start at 10:00AM on Sunday
  • Last games end around 2:00-4:00PM with pizza arriving during the finals


Hjelte Sports Center at 16200 Burbank Blvd, Encino, CA 91436


  • Field water (bring your own bottles) will be provided on Saturday & Sunday. Please bring your bottle full of water to start each day as the hose hookup has been broken for a while out there so our water supply will be limited.
  • Pots of Gold: if all seven players on your team touch the disc in the same possession leading to a score, then each member gets to test their luck reaching into the leprechaun’s bag of tricks and treasure.
  • Free drink and some shareable food at the bar Saturday night: after games on Saturday we’ll head to a local bar, there will be some appetizer food for everyone to share and your captains will distribute drink tickets.
  • Pizza: stick around during finals to chow down on a slice or two and throw your hat
  • Prizes: we’ll quench your thirst for trophies


  • Registration by March 6th – $45
  • Late registration by March 16th – $50 (and last day to utilize membership discounts)
  • Day before and day-of registration – $60 (no membership discounts apply)
  • A-List Members get 10% off through 3/16; Star Members register for free through 3/16

Save money if you sign up for A-List or Star membership and register by March 16th! There will be no discounts for day before or day-of registrations.


Coed teams. We’ll run whatever gender format we can, as close to WFDF Rule A6.2 as possible.


Players must be 18 years or older to play or contact us to request an exception.


USAU 2022-2023 Rules are in effect, with the following additions/modifications:

  1. Gender ratio rule as close to WFDF Rule A6.2 as possible.
  2. You may substitute up to two players during a timeout.
  3. SPECIAL HAT RULE: You are not an offensive player without your hat on your head. If your hat falls off, you are now just a very tall blade of grass. You can still get a D without your hat on, but make sure not to catch your Ds unless your hat is on your head, or else it’s an instant turnover.
  4. FINALS RULE: If a Team A is down by 3 or more points, then all sideline players and spectators may throw their hats from the sideline to knock down any passes from Team B. Please don’t throw any hard hats, and don’t aim at people’s faces.

Make sure to bring your most creative hats!!! You are welcome to wear a simple baseball cap but try to step up your game!


Full refunds will be given to anyone who cancels their registration on or prior to March 10, 2023; no refunds will be given after that.


Please use the coupon code STRONGWOMAN, STRONGMAN, or STRONGPERSON before you checkout for a special discount on your first event and your Basic or A-list Membership; if you decide you’d like to purchase an upgraded membership down the line, just let us know and we’ll help you out.

The LAOUT Board wants to ensure everyone who wants to play Ultimate can. If you have financial barriers keeping you from participating , please contact us and briefly explain your situation.

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