Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams


Date: Saturday, August 15th

Location: California State Polytechnic University in Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona). Same location as last year.

Start Time: First round begins at 10:00 am. Second round begins at noon. Please be on time.  Because when people are late, the terrorists win.  The tournament format is at the bottom of this post.

Tournament Map: Click here for a map of the fields. NOT a map of the university.


  • Take either the 10 E or the 210 E
  • Take the 57 S
  • exit at Temple (first exit south of the 10)
  • go R off exit, heading west on Temple
  • R on University Dr.
  • R into parking lots marked Lot K
  • Parking & fields on left – can’t miss ‘em

Party: At the Character sports bar. Same place as last year. 276 East 1st Street. It’s about 10-15 minutes drive from the fields. (909) 622-9070.

Sadly, if you’re under 21, you can’t go to the party. My apologies for that. I know it sucks. So start working on your fake I.D.

Ending Time: Last round is scheduled to end around 6 pm, so I told the sports bar to expect us between 6 and 6:30.

Pool: Once again, the pool is not open.  Again.  BUT…. I’m told it re-opens this Fall, so that means it should be available next year, finally!  It’s been too long.

Parking: Parking is $3 per car, so I recommend carpooling. (Especially if you can convince one of them to be the D.D. Sucker!!!) There will be yellow ticket booths in the lot that you have to get the parking permit from. They WILL ticket you. And they won’t feel bad about it. They have no soul.

Rules: Same exact rules as the regular season. Games are to 15.  I’ll have these at the tournament for you.  The only thing to note is the soft cap and hard cap are not USAU’s rules.

– Soft cap means complete the point, then add 2 to the leading total. Still win by 2. (One horn blow for soft cap.)
– Hard cap means complete the point, then add 1 to leading total. Game plays until that point is reached, regardless of how far behind a team is. (Two horn blows for hard cap.)

Policy on Pets

“Pets will be allowed on campus only when on a leash and accompanied by their owner. No animals, except when being used for official University instructional purposes, and/or guide dogs, will be permitted inside campus buildings without prior approval of the University.”

Questions? Contact me at andyb1414@yahoo.com

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