Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams


Date: Saturday, August 20th

Location: Central Park, Santa Clarita. 27150 Bouquet Canyon Rd.

Start Time: First round begins at 8:20AM. Second round begins at 10AM. I know it’s really early.  I’m sorry about that.  Please be on the time.  The tournament format is at the bottom of this post.

Tournament Map: We have sections of the park, as you can see below.  They’re called MP4, 9, 10, 7 & 8.  (MP stands for multi-purpose, in case you were wondering.  So my field designations match their numbers.  Between 7 & 8, we’re supposed to be able to fit 3 fields.  So I’m calling the middle one MP7.5.  And since that area is closest to the bathrooms, I’ll set up Frisbee Central there.



  • 5 North heading to Magic Mountain
  • Take exit 169 Valencia Blvd.
  • Left turn at Bouquet Canyon Rd.
  • Field will be on the right

Party: 8TH AND RAIL.  22505 8th St, Newhall, CA 91321

Fun looking place with a pool table, shuffleboard table and Jenga.  And an outdoor patio.  And they’ll be catered by a local 4-star Taco griller.  I’ll have wristbands for you at the tournament.

Unfortunately, it’s 21 and over.

Super easy to get to.  Take a left out of the park onto Bouquet Canyon Road.
Bouquet Canyon Road becomes Railroad Avenue.
It’s on the corner of…. get this….. 8th Street and Railroad Avenue.
It’s 4 miles from the field.  Should take 10 – 12 minutes.

Ending Time: Last round is scheduled to end around 4:30 pm.

Rules: Same exact rules as the regular season. THE POWERS WILL BE ACTIVE.  Games will be to 13.  The only thing to note is the soft cap and hard cap are not USAU’s rules.

– Soft cap means complete the point, then add 2 to the leading total. Still win by 2. (One horn blow for soft cap.)
– Hard cap means complete the point, then add 1 to leading total. Game plays until that point is reached, regardless of how far behind a team is. (Two horn blows for hard cap.)

Tourney Format:



Questions? Contact me at andyb1414@yahoo.com