Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams


Sunday, March 6 at the Field of Dreams in San Pedro.  501 Westmont Dr, San Pedro, CA 90731

Take the 110 South to Channel St. exit
Turn right from the offramp onto Gaffey St.
Keep straight until you hit Westmont Dr. (You’ll see the sign for the Field of Dreams on a hill to your right.)
Right onto Westmont Dr.
Right into the parking lot.

If you’re coming from Long Beach or parts South, it appears the best way is to take Ocean Blvd. west, across the Vincent Thomas Bridge, just past the 110 to Gaffey St., take a right onto Gaffey and follow the above directions.

The PARTY will be at a bar called Crimsin.  345 W 6th St, San Pedro, CA 90731

Wristbands will be given out at the tournament.  This is a bar, so nobody under 21 permitted.  Sorry about that.

Below are the brackets for the tournament.  Every team has a chance to play for the A bracket crown, although it gets progressively harder the lower your seed.  Losing teams then fall into B and C brackets.



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  1. I haz question.

    C bracket F1 has losers of games 2 & 3 and beer bracket f6 has loser of game 3…. does loser of game 3 get to play in 2 brackets? that would be pretty neat.

  2. That is an excellent question. I was just trying to get the loser of 12 and 13 more games. I didn’t really notice that. We’ll say yes, cause it should work out I think.

  3. Any chance to get the tourney results with scores plz? Enquiring minds want to know!

  4. Results are on the Results page. But I didn’t get all the scores. And actually, now I don’t have any of the scores, because I chucked the paper that had them. I usually don’t post tournament scores.

  5. Darn! Can I please help to keep these records? It’s weird to maintain so many scores, RRIs, and super detailed recaps throughout the season only to toss the details of the final results at the very end (who won 3rd, btw?). I noticed that there were some very close games at the tourney and I think that’s interesting for people to see later and keep in the archive, no?

  6. The scores were really close because it was extremely difficult to score upwind. There were 0 upwind scores in the A bracket finals and only 1 for each team in the Marshall / Squirtles semis game (both coming off of turns near the upwind endzone).

  7. Noted Erick. Good point. We should start keeping scores of the tournament games.

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